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About Restinn

A brief history

As initiator Herman Schepers recalls: 'A view years back, I noticed different developments in Dutch (walking) tourism surfacing time and time again in various studies: the demand for comfort and luxury growing rapidly, camping sites being traded for hotels and guesthouses and an ever increasing group of recreants wanting to stay closer to home and prefering an 'authentic' environment at that. Senior citizens are frontrunners in visiting local sights and undertaking cultural excursions and, as a target group, have a stronger than average preference for walking and/or cycling tours. This knowledge led me to create the concept in which convenience, nature and culture are easily combined. The wish – and sometimes the need - of farming entrepreneurs to develop alternative sources of income, fitted seamlessly with my plan.

The situation today

Schepers' plan resulted in the development of Restinn, a concept meeting all these requirements. It offers the opportunity to all, walker, cyclist and nature lover, to discover the Dutch countryside in an entirely different way. Guests reside in a three star hotel cabin – an exclusive design by architect Henri LeLoup – on the farmyard, where peace and quiet can be found without giving up comfort. Extensive complementary services –both in terms of amenities and recreational- complete the concept. Hostess and entrepreneur Jeannette Nieuweboer is thrilled about the Restinn experience she has been offering her guests for a year now: I enjoy entertaining people. With Restinn, my role has expanded from farmer's wife to cook, waitress, hostess and housekeeper, all in one. The coming and going of various people for brief stays adds flavour to our daily routine and is doable at the same time.

Future outlines

Restinn's operational manager Maaike Steltenpool discloses:"It is our ambition to expand our activities with multiple new locations all over the Netherlands. We believe in expanding from a proven concept. When we started in 2006, we very deliberately decided on the first locations to be on the West Frisian Omringdijk: with its length of app. 126 km's, we can accommodate any kind of tourism, walking, cycling and otherwise. The trail offers tremendous scenic beauty as well as recreational possibilities. The five Restinn locations here definitely added value to the recreational variety of the area." 

In 2014 Restinn can also be found in Groningen and Drenthe and we are continuously seeking for other suitable locations not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Germany. Locations in the countryside with unobstructed views, a beautiful nature and close to tourist attractions are particularly appropriate for Restinn.

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